Congratulations! Your friends/family are making the commitment of a lifetime and have chosen YOU to guide them through the ceremony. You said YES! and now it is time to start planning.

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STEP 2: GET WITH THE PROGRAM. Confirm you can comply with the marriage laws of whichever state in the couple will be married. Typically, the county clerk will be the best place to start.

STEP 3: GET A PLAN. Meet with the couple to make a game plan. DO schedule time specifically for this. Do NOT casually throw a ceremony together on the back of a cocktail napkin. While your friends might think winging it is perfect, their family may not.

STEP 4: GET IN THEIR HEAD. Send each member of the couple a questionnaire to better learn their respective perceptions their story, relationship, and future together.

STEP 5: GET WRITING. Start writing the ceremony. Once you are comfortable with what you came up with, share it with the happy couple for their input. 

STEP 6: GET PRACTICING. Reading the ceremony out loud feels super awkward, do it anyway. It will help you refine it and ensure that you are prepared for the wedding day.