Frequently Asked Questions

What is Church of the Open Road, are you a real church?

Church of the Open Road is a non-denominational, interfaith ministry incorporated as a non-profit religious organization in the state of Colorado. 

Why is Church of the Open Road different from other religious organizations that ordain online?

We created a community that welcomes all faiths and does not measure our devotion or salvation by the number of times we sit in a physical church. Our church is everywhere; it is the place where we find peace and clarity. For some it may be on a mountaintop, for others it may be at the beach or perhaps on a park bench. Our place of worship can be anywhere. What inspires us one day may not inspire us the next. The Church of the Open Road values nature, adventures, spirituality, community, and personal growth.

We are different from other online ministries and churches that ordain in the following ways:

  • Beliefs Within Reach. Provide a core set of beliefs that inspire. 
  • Giving. The Church donates a portion of all ordinations to your choice of one of four causes. 
  • Tribe. Our members are engaged and become ambassadors and storytellers.
  • Team Uniform. With every ordination church members will receive Church of the Open Road hat or shirt. 

What does it mean to “get ordained”? ...because my friends just asked me and I said ‘yes’!

Church of the Open Road Ordination confers the right to preside over religious activities including but not limited to the solemnization of marriage. 

Can I get ordained instantly? How long does the ordination process take?

Church of the Open Road provides the opportunity for you to be thoughtfully ordained. The ordination application is easy, but not instant. The application process from test to evaluation and notification takes no more than 48 hours.  Once approved your confirmation materials will be will mailed immediately. The ordination process goes like this:

  • Review the study guide
  • Take and pass The Church’s online ordination test
  • Application is evaluated by church elders
  • Applicants are notified of status

Is my ordination legal?

Yes, your ordination with Church of the Open Road is legal. Once you are ordained, your ministerial license will be good for three years. 

How do I ensure that the marriage I perform is legal?

Contact the country clerk in the county that you will performing the wedding ceremony for requirements. Requirements differ by state and are typically overseen at the county level.

How old must I be to get ordained?

You must be at least 18 years of age.

Does the Church of the Open Road recognize same-sex marriage?

YES, all day long.

What documentation do I need to prove to someone that I am legally ordained?

The requirements vary by state, in some states you will be asked for no documentation and in others they may ask to see your ordination certificate and/or a letter of good standing. Be sure to check with the county clerk in the county you will be performing the ceremony in.

Is my Church of the Open Road ordination recognized out the United States?

Church of the Open Road ordinations are recognized and legal in the United States; however laws vary by country. Check with the government office that handles marriage in the country in question to find out their requirements.

I would like to preside over a ceremony outside of my home state, can I do this?

In most states this is not a problem, however, some states require that out of state officiants register with the state/county before performing a ceremony. Be sure to check with the county clerk where the ceremony will take place for requirements. 

Do marriage regulations vary by state?

Laws and requirements vary by state, click here for an overview. Be sure to contact the county in the state that you will be performing the ceremony for specifics.