Share. create. Inspire. 

This is your church; you define what role it plays in your life.  If you are looking for ideas on how to actualize the Open Road in your life, follow us on social media and see how others are finding their way. 

There are some easy ways to get involved and to share, become an Open Road storyteller and ambassador today:

  • What is your church? ...My Church is...
  • Where is your church?.....#thisismychurch..... submit a photo of where you find clarity and spirituality
  • What is your Open Road Story? Do you have a story of discovery or community that brought clarity or challenged you to reconsider what is possible? Did you recently officiate your first wedding? Share photos or your thoughts on the journey. Be an Open Road storyteller and share you lessons learned and photos as a guest blogger.

Email us with your Open Road experiences we would love to share them with our members. Everyone has an inner explorer, leader and philanthropist, share your journey with us.

Some of us are more inclined than others to get "uncomfortable", be the person in your tribe to inspire and to ignite discovery, community and freedom. Member or minister, share your stories, we are listening.

"Traveling, it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller."

-Ibn Buttuta



"My church is a road trip; my church is windows down music up; my church is family dinner; my church is toes in the sand; my church is a ski lift; my church is a rum distillery; my church is heat and humidity after a long winter; my church is a theme party; my church is a quiet house; my church is blue sky; my church is family game night; my church is laughing until I cry; my church is friends new and old; my church is a campfire; my church is a blanket of stars; my church is going away and coming back home"