Your Church of the Open Road Elders are an eclectic group. We live in the mountains, in the city, in the suburbs and oceanside. What brings us together is our common set of values and the love of discovery and adventure while in search for clarity and inspiration along the way.

Brian Oxenham, Roseville CA

My church is inclusive; my church is warm like the first day of Spring; my church is friends with big smiles; my church is dancing the night away; my church is the thrill of riding waves; my church is a cold, frothy, hoppy IPA; my church is finding a new way; my church is golf ball soaring through the air from 200 yards away and landing on the green; my church is watching my children’s happiness when they overcome a challenge; my church is a family reunion

David Hewitt, San Rafael CA/Puerto Vallarta MX

My church is anywhere outdoors – most often on a trail in the mountains where I’m close to nature; my church is my bike; my church is walking among the trees, to recharge and clear my head; my church is spending time with my wife; our church is hiking, camping, fishing, travel, our feet in the sand in Mexico, and time with family and friends; my church is my art studio creating mixed media collage paintings, my work is my passion

Menon Billingsley, Crested Butte CO

My church is a road trip; my church is windows down music up; my church is family dinner; my church is toes in the sand; my church is a ski lift; my church is a rum distillery; my church is heat and humidity after a long winter; my church is a theme party; my church is a quiet house; my church is blue sky; my church is family game night; my church is laughing until I cry; my church is friends new and old; my church is a campfire; my church is a blanket of stars; my church is going away and coming back home

Mike Billingsley, Crested Butte CO

My church is a fresh stash of powder; my church is sleeping under the stars; my church is gliding under the sea; my church is exploring a place I have never been; my church is breakfast on the beach with a bucket of beers; my church is boat drinks; my church is casting to a river full of fish; my church is a sunset on the pacific; my church is a sunrise in the rockies; my church is a day on the river; my church is a day on the ocean; my church is camping with the kids; my church is the journey

Greg Kelley, Denver CO

My church is a powder day with friends; my church is watching the sunrise at the beach; my church is getting lost in a new country; my church is going for a hike with my dog; my church is soaking in natural hot springs; my church is having a bonfire in the middle of nowhere; my church is taking a ski break in the trees during a snowstorm; my church is sitting on a peak

Rachael Miller, Anchorage AK

My church is a packed backpack and blue sky for days; my church is flying into the land of the midnight sun, where summer seems endless; my church is the tingle up my spine from clicking "confirm" on a plane ticket and the delicious street food that's most certainly waiting on the other end; my church is in late night campfires and the knowing smiles of fellow travelers; my church is the tug of a fish on the end of my tight line and the sharing of its story later; my church is the promise of adventure and good people along the way

Brice Hoskin, Crested Butte CO

My church is that perfect camping spot, a view of the valley below with a July snowbank around the corner with a cold beer in it; my church is a long trail run, letting my mind roam until it finds the solutions to the problems that have been bedeviling me; my church is that victorious sense of freedom when the pickup truck starts without hesitation, the gas tank is full, and the only thing that's next is to just go.

Susanna Jones, Denver CO

My church is river rafting on a sunny day; my church is any time I am in the mountains and nature; my church is a lake, river, or stream; my church is the sound of nature and when I can disconnect and reflect on life, blessings, and self-improvement

Mike Jones, Denver CO

My church is a multi-day rafting trip with good people; my church is disconnecting from technology and retreating to nature; my church is a week on the river when we are reminded to enjoy simple things in life; my church is grateful and reflects on our good fortune; my church takes nothing for granted