The marriage license

A marriage license is a document issued by a governmental authority that allows two people to get married. A marriage license is valid for only a specific time period such as thirty or sixty days and is only good for the state or locale where it was issued and must be returned to the local governmental authority to be recorded as a legal marriage.

One of the many duties of the Open Road minister is to ensure that the marriage license is filled out properly and returned within the appropriate time frame.

Check with the county clerk in the county where the wedding is taking place to ensure that you comply with the license submission deadline. Sooner rather than later is ALWAYS at good the day after the wedding!

completing the marriage license

Couple must obtain the license

Couple must go to the nearest county clerk's office, both parties must be present to fill out the forms needed. The officiant need not be present. 

  • Request the marriage license form from the clerk representative. Fill out all of the fields that need to be completed before the marriage takes place. This required information typically includes the bride's and groom's names, ages, addresses, Social Security numbers, places of birth and parents' names. 
  • Present the license form to an agent of the county with identification. The identification is used to verify the parties who are applying for a license and to determine that they are both 18 years of age or older.
  • Pay appropriate fees.

Complete the license ahead of time

Wedding days can be hectic, have the couple fill out their portion of the license ahead of time. You should complete your section in advance of the big day as well. Completing the license prior to the wedding day will ensure an accurate and error-free submission. On the wedding day all that is left is the signing of the document. 

Wedding Event Information

You will need the to fill in the date, time and location of the ceremony.

Officiant Information

  • Fill out your full legal name
  • Your title is Minister
  • Your church affiliation is Church of the Open Road
  • Religious affiliation is non-denominational, unless you identify with a a specific faith and/or you are preforming a ceremony in a specific denominational rite. If this is the case, specify that denomination.
    • If the county clerk will not accept non-denominational as your affiliation, then simply write in Church of the Open Road

Ceremony Type

The license may ask if the ceremony is religious or civil. As you are a minister of the Church of the Open Road, you should select religious. 


Most states require at least one witness to sign the marriage license. Typically, the witness(s) are members of your wedding party but can vary based on your preference. It is the minister's job to ensure that the witnesses have filled in and signed in the appropriate space.

Return the License

The state in which the wedding takes place will have its specific deadlines for filing a marriage license once the ceremony has taken place. The license should be turned in to the office from which it was distributed either in person or regular mail. In person delivery is always best, if you choose to mail it, have the envelope pre-addressed with postage affixed before the wedding day.

The marriage is not legally binding until it is recorded by the state. If you choose to mail it, it would be wise to select a delivery method that allows you to track and confirm receipt of the materials.