Hello everyone and welcome to ___ and ____’s celebration of love!  I’m________, their friend from Alaska and wedding officiate. We have a few announcements before we get started.

1.    After the ceremony, there will be a cocktail reception before dinner. Please proceed to the balcony after ____ and _____ exit, you will all exit row by row, assisted by the two brides-men.

2.    Please turn off your devices for the next 20 minutes and be present with the couple on their day.

3.    Finally, directly after _____ and ____ are pronounced married, we hoot, we holler, clap and everyone is to stand up and turn around for a photo.

 That’s it, let’s get started!


Giving Away the Bride


Who has the honor of presenting this woman to be married to this man?


Words of Welcome

Welcome friends and family of _______ and _____. You have come from all over to support this fabulous couple on their day.  Aside from each other, you are the greatest resource this couple will ever have and it is truly awesome to see such an outpouring of love.  I’ve had the opportunity to speak with many of you, and the words you have used about your friends Joe and Ashley such as spontaneity, upstanding character, loving, caring, passionate, etc. are truly humbling.

 Please take at least a few moments throughout the day to reflect on your relationship with these two.  I have no doubt that each of your stories leads to many laughs and warm hearts. 


Lighting the Memory Candle


Now, in honor of those who could not join us today, _____ and _____, you have chosen to light a candle so that their collective spirit may accompany you throughout the ceremony.  Please light this candle and let us all take a moment of silence.



______ and ______, welcome to your day! You two are one of my favorite relationship stories.  Your sense of adventure, commitment to love, and ability to tackle challenges in a united manner is both impressive and remarkable. As long as I have known you, you have demonstrated grace within the chaos.  This is the lesson you have given to me, and many others.

 Please take these moments to hold hands, really look at each other, and savor today.

The concept of marriage in society is changing. We have more lifestyle options than ever before. You two chose to stand up here today, together (however long it took you to get here) in front of your family, friends, your most enthusiastic supporters (!)  - and commit. You are embarking on yet another chapter of your life together and we are here to honor that.

 But before you turn around to face this new future together, let’s go back to how this all began….


Their Story


[unleash your inner-storyteller and share the couples journey]


And now _______and _______ it’s time to exchange your vows to one another.


Exchange of Vows

[written by couple]


Exchange of Rings

And now we’ll do the exchange of the rings. These rings represent your marriage. Let them serve as a gentle reminder of this day when challenges arise and know what this means to yourselves, to each other, and to the rest of the world.

______ - This ring is a symbol of the commitment to ______and this partnership.  Do you promise to:

  • Trust
  • Protect
  • Comfort,
  • Challenge ______, and always work with her to seek peace within the chaos for the rest of your lives together? 

(place ring on finger)

_______ - This ring is a symbol of the commitment to _____ and this partnership.  Do you promise to:

  • Comfort
  • Encourage
  • Support
  • Challenge _______ and always work with him to seek peace within the chaos for the rest of your lives together? 


(place ring on finger)


Declaration of Marriage

_______ and _______, Today you have called in friends and family from the 4 corners of the nation, you have re-lived your relationship journey, you have exchanged vows, and have represented your commitment with wedding rings.  

 May your lives together be blessed with more laughter than you can handle, more good beer than you can drink, and more love than your hearts can stand.

 And on this day, ______: With the authority granted to me by the great state of _______, it is my distinct honor to now pronounce you husband and wife, ______ and _____.

 _______, you can kiss your bride.