Who I Am

"I am big city and small town. I am the beach and the mountains. I am a daughter and a mother. I am a wife and a friend. I am an individual and a community builder.. I live each day to its fullest."

"I am big city and small town. I am the beach and the mountains. I am a daughter and a mother. I am a wife and a friend. I am an individual and a community builder.. I live each day to its fullest."

My name is Menon Billingsley.  My name is pronounced "MuhNAHN".  You may call me Minister Menon or just plain Menon. I grew up in California, in the San Francisco Bay area.  I went to college in San Luis Obispo and grad school in Texas. Today my home is in Crested Butte with my husband Mike, our sons Otto and Rocco, and our dog Clementine.

I am a full-time professor at the local university, Head of Church and co-founder of Church of the Open Road. I am a non-denominational minister who performs memorable, personalized wedding ceremonies. I also have experience as a wedding coordinator. This understanding of wedding planning and wedding day events -- combined with public speaking, mentoring, and advising students -- allows me to preside over ceremonies and help you navigate your wedding with ease.

How I Am

I am a realist, and I dream big.  I admire creativity. I seek out change and innovation. I enjoy sincere, open-minded people who are curious about the world. When I commit to something or someone, I am all in and will always give 150 percent.

My Pledge to You

Planning a wedding can be a wild ride, particularly if you have a destination wedding. We are often so focused on logistics and taking care of our guests that the ceremony takes a back seat. It is important that you select a wedding officiant that you are not only comfortable with, but trust to advise you as you create the ceremony and promises that will be the roadmap for the next phase of your lives. Connection and personality matter. If I am not the right fit, I will help you find the right officiant for the job.

Officiating a wedding is a great honor and one I do not take lightly.

My pledge to you: 

  • I will work with you to ensure that your ceremony is as unique and special as your relationship.
  • I will be accessible to both you and your family members during the months prior to your big day. After all, your families (by birth or chosen) have helped to make you the people you needed to be to find each other. This is for you and for them.
  • I will coordinate with your photographer and/or wedding planner in advance. 

Wedding Ceremony Package, $300

  • Complimentary initial consultation, in person or via Facetime/Skype
  • Fully customized ceremony
  • Follow up phone, email consultation
  • Travel to ceremony location and rehearsal*
  • Rehearsal of ceremony, processional/recessional
  • Arrival 30+ minutes before start of ceremony
  • Completion and mailing of marriage license
  • Finalized written copy of your wedding ceremony and vows

*Travel fees apply for distances beyond 30 miles

What People Say...

When Mike and I became engaged, we felt pressure to seek out a religious-affiliated officiant. After contacting a number of clergy people and freelance ministers, we were still left without someone we felt was the right fit. All of the sudden, we both thought, what if we asked Menon? She has known us both from the beginning, she is someone we highly respect & love, and she is a natural in front of an audience.

She was more than willing to take on this role for us. She went miles above and beyond what was asked of her. She was very organized and professional. She carefully crafted our ceremony, from a beautiful speech to actually overseeing the rehearsal! We would have been up a creek without a paddle without her. 

We fully support Menon and The Church of the Open Road. For any couple seeking an officiant that they can relate to, who listens, who helps keep things in perspective, and keeps them laughing & having fun, there is no better source than Menon and The Church.  We were so lucky to have her as our officiant and friend!

Mike and Susanna Jones